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Upstate Resin Works LLC

Rose Quartz and Amethyst ring, Rose Quartz crystal band, gemstone band, wedding band, engagement band, vow renewal band, promise band

Rose Quartz and Amethyst ring, Rose Quartz crystal band, gemstone band, wedding band, engagement band, vow renewal band, promise band

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Each order is for one custom handmade ring handcrafted to order personally **for you** in the Upstate Resin Works LLC shop located in Upstate NY.

This rings inlay is made using approximately 1 carat of crushed genuine light pink colored Rose Quartz sorted for size and color. Amethyst chips are then added to the inlay for an extra pop of color and contrast.

Genuine rose quartz forms from large formations and not smaller crystal clusters generally seen with generic pink quartz.

The design can be be adjusted to make it YOUR perfect ring! Let me know using the personalization box.

Several band types are available;
Black Zirconia - high scratch resistance, nice shine, deep black color, smooth feel and light weight.
Titanium - medium scratch resistance, nice shine, silver metallic in color, smooth feel and light weight.
Tungsten - high scratch resistance, nice shine, silver metallic in color, smooth feel and heavy/solid feeling.
Upgraded comfort fit bands are used in all rings!

Shown in the photos is the wider 8mm band in black zirconia. Also available in the slimmer 6mm and 4mm widths.


A strong attention to detail is put into everything that leaves the Upstate Resin Works LLC shop. For a mirror finish each ring goes through a 21 step finishing process!

Warranty and Repair (*); Upstate Resin Works LLC offers a lifetime warranty on all rings and assures them to be free of defects.

Ring sizing; Most ring sizes and band colors (Tungsten, black Ceramic, Damascus, Surgical Steel, gold tone etc) are available.

The recommended method for sizing is to have your size checked by a Jeweler. This ensures you order the correct ring size. These rings with custom inlays can't be re-sized.

Custom requests; Many different band types, inlay colors, opal and semi-precious gemstone types as well as precisions stones like Ruby, Emerald and Diamond are available. Feel free to send a message with any custom requests, We're happy to help!

Please note, rings are completed in the order customer requests are received. Generally each ring ships sooner then the estimated 2 to 3 week processing time. More challenging projects may take some additional time.

* Warranty and repair details; All rings are photographed, size verified and quality inspected prior to shipping. Customer is responsible for shipping changes on warranty/repair requests. Major repair work (lawnmower, garbage disposal, crushed rings etc) may require a minimal reconstruction fee. Loss, theft, wear and tear, damage and failing to care for your ring isn't covered under this warranty, however; please email me to discuss discounted replacement options.

If you have questions or want a more custom order please don't hesitate to send a message!

Materials & Supplies

Quality and genuine ethically sourced materials are used in all of our products.

Allergic reactions to jewlery

While rare, some customers may have allergic reactions to certain metals and materials.

If you experience any discomfort or irritation while wearing your ring please immediately discontinue wearing it.

Please also note; if a ring is too snug on your finger it can trap soap, sanitizer, dirt/sand etc and cause irritation that will look like an allergic reaction.

The tungsten carbide bands used by Upstate Resin Works LLC contain approximately 13% nickel.

Shipping, Returns & Cancellations

Please note; because each ring is custom made for each customer, it will generally take on average approximately 2 to 3 weeks for orders to be completed.

For expedited orders and orders that will be needed sooner then 2 to 3 weeks; please send a message so we can confirm your rush order and our availability.

Custom orders and orders with engravings are not elilgible for returns. Once an order has been engraved it can not be canceled or refunded. After 3 days (72 hours), orders without engravings are no longer eligible for cancellations or refunds.

Please do send a message if you have issues with your order.

Gift cards are non-refundable and do not expire. Upstate Resin Works LLC is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards. Lost or stolen gift cards can be replaced provided they have not been used.

Warranty Details

Warranty details and fine print

The included warranty with each ring purchase ensures you receive a ring free of defects.

The included ring warranty covers a one time repair/replacement per order and does not cover loss, theft, damage, regular wear from daily use or not following the provided care instructions. Damage will void the included warranty.

All requests for warranty work will require return of your ring for inspection. Rings with defects will either be repaired or replaced. Securely pack and insure your return. Loss due to shipping is not covered, it must arrive safely.

Ordering an incorrect size, width or band material is not considered a warranty issue.

For damaged (not defective) rings you can choose between having your ring returned or discounted repair and replacement options.

Please review the Warranty Details page for the full warranty information.

Care Instructions

A descriptive care card is included with every order.

In general, while each inlay is quite resilient it’s best to avoid abrasives, sharp items, chemicals (chemical stripping products), nail polish remover and rapid temperature changes.

Inlays are roughly the same hardness as fossilized amber at 2.5/3 on the hardness scale.

Some example care points:

Do not dig in the sand or dirt while wearing an inlay ring.

Do not wear a ring where it might come in to direct or splash contact with acetone (nail polish remover).

It’s best to not wear your ring when swimming. Chlorine and other chemicals can impact your ring over time. Additionally, cold water can make your finger shrink slightly and could cause your ring to fall off and become lost.

Rapid hot to cold or cold to hot temperature changes can cause small expansion and contraction of your ring. This will over time weaken and possibly damage/crack your inlay.

Do not scrub a wooden drink tray or with “Bar Keepers Friend” or a wire scrubbing brush. 

Do not put wooden drink trays or cheese boards in a dishwasher.

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We love custom projects like this hand carved Finger Lakes drink tray with inset handles and resin inlay. Please send a message with your custom project idea.

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