Frequently Asked Questions

We receive a lot of customer questions and have tried to list the most common questions here on this page. If you don't see the answer to your question below please send us a message, we're happy to help!

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How long will my order take to make?

Because each order is custom made for each customer, the time needed to complete your order depends on any customizations.

For ring orders without customizations it will generally take on average approximately 2 to 3 weeks to be completed. Some customizations, particularly those with special order materials or those orders where you’re shipping materials to us for use in your ring may increase the time to 3 to 4 weeks.

For custom woodworking projects, such as; trays and cheese boards it will generally take between 8 to10 weeks to be completed.

Can you make gold or rose gold bands?

Gold plated tungsten and rose gold plated tungsten are available for some designs with an additional cost.

Please note, plated bands can wear over time. This may take years or could happen quickly with a good scratch. The included warranty does not cover band plating.

Solid gold and rose gold bands are available. The prices of these bands will change based on the current price of gold. Please send us a message to discuss solid gold band options.

How do I customize my ring order?

Bringing new and unique customer ideas to life are some of our favorite projects!

Many customizations can be done at no additional change, however; some customizations do have an additional fee. This covers the additional cost for material and/or labor.

Please send a message to discuss your custom design. For most customizations we will typically have the customer mention the customizations in the order notes box when checking out.

Can you help me pick a band width?


A good trick to pick out which width you would like is to stack US nickels. One nickel is just under 2mm. So stacking 2 equals 4mm, 3 equals 6mm and stacking 4 equals 8mm. You can hold that stack against your finger to estimate where the band would sit on your finger and the approximate width.

Do you make 1/4 sizes?

We can accomodate 1/4 sizes in the following bands;


Cobalt Chrome

Sterling Silver

We are unable to offer Tungsten or Black Zirconia in 1/4 sizes.

What if I ordered the wrong ring size, width or band type?

If your order hasn't shipped yet please send us a message and we will make sure to update the band on your order. If there are any additional charges associated with the change a link will be provided to pay for the difference.

Unfortunately inlay rings and rings with engravings can't be resized.

If you've purchased Size and Inlay Damage Protection when you ordered your ring please send us a message and we can get your replacement started.

If you did not order Size and Inlay Damage Protection and still need to swap your order with a new size we can help! We do offer a size swap service where you can return your current ring and order a replacement in a new size, width or material at a discounted price.

Please visit our Services page to order a size/width/band type swap.

Can I send you my own gemstones?

This is usually not a problem.

Please send a message to confirm your custom project prior to ordering. We would like to discuss first before we accept a project with customer provided gemstones.

Any gemstones used will need to be crushed. Please keep this in mind before sending anything senntimental or irreplaceable.

Please securely package, tape closed and inside anything you’re sending. Upstate Resin Works LLC will not be responsible or liable for anything lost, damaged or stolen while in transit to our workshop.

Can I ship you a band to engrave?

Unfortunately we are unable to engrave bands that are not made in our workshop.

Can I rush my order?

Please send us a message before ordering if your order is a rush request.

We would like to confirm our availability to commit to deliver within your timeline.

When you send your message please include the date you need your order to arrive by.

Please be aware; there may be an additional rush fee and/or increased shipping cost to accommodate your rush request.

My order has not yet arrived, please help!

Please note, standard orders do take on average 2 to 3 weeks to make before your order ships.

Rush orders usually take approximately 5 business days for standard bands and 7 for sterling and cobalt chrome bands.

After your order ships, the approximate transit times depend on the shipping selected during checkout;

Free shipping (included) - delivery is usually 7 business days after shipping.

Priority upgrade - delivery is usually 4 to 5 business days after shipping.

Express upgrade - delivery is usually 1 to 2 business days after shipping.

For orders that are lost in transit that show up as delivery exeptions in the USPS trascking system we will work out a replacement.

All orders marked as delivered on their USPS tracking are not considered lost and will not be replaced. If you have a concern with your delivery address/location please consider an alternate address during checkout or requesting sinature required delivery.

For orders shipped with USPS Priority and the faster USPS Express options; these include $100 in USPS insurance.

Can my order be canceled?

Orders can be canceled and refunded within 72 hours of placing your order.

For orders with engravings, if your engraving was completed prior to your cancellation request the fee for the engraving will not be refunded.

For orders where special order gemstones or materials were requested, the costs of these will not be refunded if the cancellation is received after the special order materials are ordered.

Gift cards are not eligible for refunds or cancellations.

Are payment plans available?

Yes! When checking out with your order select ShopPay. ShopPay will break your order into 4 payments.

To read more about ShopPay please click the "Learn More" link on the product page next to the ShopPay payment method.

If the ShopPay option is not available it may be due to system maintenance. Please send a message if this occurs and you need assistance.

What type of bands do you use?

We use upgraded comfort fit bands with standard US sizing in all of our rings.

These bands have a smooth tapered interior profile.

Because the difference between sizes is approximately 0.4mm I don’t advise using a flexible fabric ruler or the YouTube "string method". We've seen customers unfortunately be off by as much as 4 ring sizes with those methods.

How heavy are your rings?

Currently we offer multiple different band materials.

Tungsten Carbide - heavy solid feeling band.

Cobalt Chrome - middleweight, similar to white gold in weight.

Sterling Silver - middleweight

Black zirconia - this band is a lightweight band.

Titanium - this is a very lightweight band, almost featherlight in feeling.

Can you make 3, 5, 7, 10 or 12mm rings?

We are sometimes able to accomodate 10 and 12mm band requests but not 3, 5 or 7mm.

These bands will increase the cost of your order. Please send us a message to discuss your custom project.

What is Black Zirconia vs Zirconium?

The zirconia band is a light weight high scratch resistance carbide band made from zirconium oxide. The zirconium bands are denser/heavier bands with a lower scratch resistance.

We currently do not offer Zirconium bands.

Will my ring scratch easily?

The inlay is resilient at roughly a 2.5/3 on the hardness scale. This is roughly equal to the hardness of fossilized amber.

Each band material offered has different scratch resistance.

Tungsten Carbide - high scratch resistance

Black zirconia - high scratch resistance

Cobalt Chrome - medium scratch resistance

Titanium - medium to low scratch resistance

Sterling Silver - low scratch resistance

Can I wear my ring at the beach?

It would be a good idea to remove your ring and not wear your ring at the beach.

The water is not a problem, the issue is with the abrasiveness of beach sand.

Can my ring be repaired?

Any damage to the inlay can be repaired, resurfaced and polished back to a beautiful mirror finish.

Light surface scratching to the bands themselves can be repaired.

Any cracking, chipping, or other damage to the band will not be repairable.

How should size swaps be packaged?

After ordering your size swap we will send an email confirming the order and to provide the return address.

It's best to send your swap in using the same packaging your order was received in. This will be the least expensive way to ship your swap back to us.

If the original packaging is now available, an alternative option would be a previously used bubble mailer from another company. The post office, most department stores and shipping companies will have bubble or envelope mailers at a low cost.

Do not place your swap in an envelope with a stamp. It will almost certainly not arrive.

Your ring will need to arrive safely and undamaged. Upstate Resin Works LLC is not responsible for packages sent improperly packaged or otherwise lost in the mail.

Do you ship outside the US?

Currently we are only shipping orders to the United States (this includes Puerto Rico).

Can you send me photos that aren't enhanced?

All of our product photography is done using only natural sunlight.

None of our product photography has any color enhancements, filters or effects. We genuinely want our product photography to accurately represent the products we sell.

The only changes performed to our product photography is cropping and adding a watermark.

Do you make cremation rings?

We can usually accommodate a cremation ring request. Please send us a message to discuss before ordering.

Please note, cremation rings do have additional costs associated with them. In addition, there are specific shipping requirements to ship cremains within the US. USPS Cremains shipping

Returns and cancellations

Custom orders and orders with engravings are not elilgible for returns.

Once an order has been engraved it can not be canceled or refunded.

After 3 days (72 hours), orders are no longer eligible for cancellations or refunds.

Changes requested after 3 days (72 hours) hours may require a fee to begin working on a new band.

Please do send a message if you have issues or questions with your order.

Gift cards are non-refundable and do not expire. Upstate Resin Works LLC is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards. Lost or stolen gift cards can be replaced provided they have not been used.