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Upstate Resin Works LLC

Ring Refinishing / Resurfacing

Ring Refinishing / Resurfacing

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Resurface and Repair Types


While we only use durable and quality material in every ring we create, sometimes accidents happen and we're here to help keep your ring looking brand new.

With ring refinishing, you can expect your ring to be returned with that same shine from the first day you received it.


Minor Restoration is a great option for repairing;
Small to medium scratches in your band or inlay
Gouges in your inlay
Other minor to major inlay damage

Major Inlay Repair is a great option for repairing;
Drop damage that has caused inlay separation. 
Deep cracks where sections of inlay may be missing.
Chemical damage causing deep inlay pits.
Replacing sections of missing inlay.


If your ring has large scratches or band damage, please send a message with some details before ordering. Some damage can't be repaired with resurfacing. Please note; we do also repair competitors rings.

After ordering, we will provide you with the return address to ship your ring for resurfacing.

It's best to ship your band in for repair using a bubble mailer, small box or rigid cardboard envelope. Do not place your band in a letter envelop with a stamp. It will almost certainly not arrive.

If not packaged securely your ring may be lost or irreparably damaged while in transit. Upstate Resin Works LLC is not responsible for packages sent improperly packaged or otherwise lost in the mail.


After receiving your ring in the workshop we will assess the damage and get to work. If the damage is extensive, it's possible your ring can't be repaired and must be replaced. If this is the case we will work with you for replacement options.

Please use the contact page to share any questions you might have.


Liability waiver;
By requesting Upstate Resin Works LLC to repair the jewelry from another company the customer understands that Upstate Resin Works LLC does not know the materials or processes used by the other artist. The repair may not look seamless depending on the defect or damage being repaired. The same high quality materials used in all Upstate Resin Works LLC products will be used to repair your band. It's also possible that defects in the band may cause irreparable damage while the repair attempt is being made. If the repair is not possible, or the band is otherwise damaged while attempting the repair it will be returned to the customer and the repair will be refunded (minus the cost of shipping). No reimbursements will be made to replace bands that may break during repair. Only bands made and sold through Upstate Resin Works LLC will have an inlay defect warranty.

Materials & Supplies

Quality and genuine ethically sourced materials are used in all of our products.

Allergic reactions to jewlery

While rare, some customers may have allergic reactions to certain metals and materials.

If you experience any discomfort or irritation while wearing your ring please immediately discontinue wearing it.

Please also note; if a ring is too snug on your finger it can trap soap, sanitizer, dirt/sand etc and cause irritation that will look like an allergic reaction.

The tungsten carbide bands used by Upstate Resin Works LLC contain approximately 13% nickel.

Shipping, Returns & Cancellations

Please note; because each ring is custom made for each customer, it will generally take on average approximately 2 to 3 weeks for orders to be completed.

For expedited orders and orders that will be needed sooner then 2 to 3 weeks; please send a message so we can confirm your rush order and our availability.

Custom orders and orders with engravings are not elilgible for returns. Once an order has been engraved it can not be canceled or refunded. After 3 days (72 hours), orders without engravings are no longer eligible for cancellations or refunds.

Please do send a message if you have issues with your order.

Gift cards are non-refundable and do not expire. Upstate Resin Works LLC is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards. Lost or stolen gift cards can be replaced provided they have not been used.

Warranty Details

Warranty details and fine print

The included warranty with each ring purchase ensures you receive a ring free of defects.

The included ring warranty covers a one time repair/replacement per order and does not cover loss, theft, damage, regular wear from daily use or not following the provided care instructions. Damage will void the included warranty.

All requests for warranty work will require return of your ring for inspection. Rings with defects will either be repaired or replaced. Securely pack and insure your return. Loss due to shipping is not covered, it must arrive safely.

Ordering an incorrect size, width or band material is not considered a warranty issue.

For damaged (not defective) rings you can choose between having your ring returned or discounted repair and replacement options.

Please review the Warranty Details page for the full warranty information.

Care Instructions

A descriptive care card is included with every order.

In general, while each inlay is quite resilient it’s best to avoid abrasives, sharp items, chemicals (chemical stripping products), nail polish remover and rapid temperature changes.

Inlays are roughly the same hardness as fossilized amber at 2.5/3 on the hardness scale.

Some example care points:

Do not dig in the sand or dirt while wearing an inlay ring.

Do not wear a ring where it might come in to direct or splash contact with acetone (nail polish remover).

It’s best to not wear your ring when swimming. Chlorine and other chemicals can impact your ring over time. Additionally, cold water can make your finger shrink slightly and could cause your ring to fall off and become lost.

Rapid hot to cold or cold to hot temperature changes can cause small expansion and contraction of your ring. This will over time weaken and possibly damage/crack your inlay.

Do not scrub a wooden drink tray or with “Bar Keepers Friend” or a wire scrubbing brush. 

Do not put wooden drink trays or cheese boards in a dishwasher.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lisa Smith

Highly recommend. Very nice and knowledgeable. Quick shipping.

Sara M
Amazing work!

My husband had accidently gotten acetone on his custom ring, which took off all of the protective coating and the ring eventually cracked. Even though I had bought the ring from another vendor, Eric was extremely helpful in advising me as to what he could do to repair the ring, and the pricing was extremely fair. I sent the ring directly to them, and within just a few weeks, it was back on my husband's finger, not only fixed, coated and shined up, but also sporting an additional element (lightning glass) that was used to patch the missing piece. We both love it, and you can't even tell that it was repaired in the first place. Thank you so much! We'll definitely be recommending you to others!

Zack Metcalf

My wife purchased my wedding ring from the Upstate team and I was obsessed. I then had my grandfathers Turquoise ring from the 70's refurbished and they did an incredible job! Thank you guys son much!!

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We love custom projects like this hand carved Finger Lakes drink tray with inset handles and resin inlay. Please send a message with your custom project idea.

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