Warranty Details

Free Limited Lifetime Warranty

The included warranty with each ring purchase ensures you receive a ring free of defects. Even though our rings are made from durable and quality materials they are not indestructible. It’s quite rare that customers have issues with their bands, regardless; we guarantee a ring free of defects!


What is covered

The included ring warranty covers a one time repair/replacement per order for defects within your inlay.

Even though our bands are designed with quality and durability in mind they’re still made using genuine and natural materials. Its possible that hidden defects within the natural materials of the inlay can be present. This warranty covers those materials.


What is not covered

The limited lifetime warranty does not cover loss, theft, damage, regular wear from daily use or not following the provided care instructions. Additionally, please understand that this warranty does not cover drop or impact damage. 

Ordering an incorrect size, width or band material is not considered a warranty issue.

Damage caused to the band or inlay will void the included warranty.

For damaged bands, customers should discontinue wearing any damaged rings. We will offer a discounted replacement with return of the damaged band.

Please note; Each ring leaving the workshop is made to be durable with quality metals and quality gemstones. Ring bands do not spontaneously break for no reason. It's most likely the case that you've dropped or suffered impact damage to your ring causing a crack. Over time, that crack continued to increase in size until eventually the band broke. This is considered damage and will void your warranty.


Requesting warranty work

Please send a message requesting a warranty case be opened if you feel your ring has a defect. We would be happy to discuss and help.

All requests for warranty work will require the return of your ring for inspection. Rings with defects will either be repaired or replaced.

For damaged (not defective) rings you can choose between having your ring returned or discounted repair and replacement options.


Warranty shipping

The customer is responsible for all shipping related costs for warranty work requests. This includes shipping your order to Upstate Resin Works LLC. If the issue is determined to be a defect then the return shipping will be free.

Securely pack, tape closed and insure your return. Loss due to shipping is not covered, it must arrive safely. It’s a good idea to ship your warranty return with insurance to be safe.

Please do not place your ring in a letter envelope with a stamp on it. A small bubble mailer, small box or recyclable cardboard envelope are great options.


Even though we use durable and quality materials in every ring we make there's a chance that customers may damage their inlay or possibly need to order a new size.


Optional Size and Inlay Damage Protection covers you with; 

One free ring replacement for a new band size or width with free return shipping.

Lifetime inlay repair, resurfacing and polishing with free return shipping. This service is limited to once per calendar quarter.


What damage is covered?

Any damage you can dream up to your inlay, you're covered and with free return shipping!

The only limitations with this warranty are as follows;
1. The customer is responsible for the costs and packing associated with safely shipping your order to our workshop for repair.
2. Diamond and gold bands will likely have an additional cost to replace any missing inlay materials.
3. The band material itself must be undamaged. Small scratches can be buffed out, however; if the band itself is cracked, chipped or otherwise irreparable we will offer discounted replacement options.
4. Inlay refinishing, repair and resurfacing is limited to once per calendar quarter.


How does the free one time resize work?

We offer a no questions asked free size replacement with the Size and Inlay Damage Protection service.

Simply send us a message with your order number, the new size, width or band type you would like and we'll provide you with return instructions. Your ring being sent in for resize must arrive at the Upstate Resin Works LLC workshop before the replacement will be shipped.

Please note, if you're changing band types or increasing band size (with diamond bands) there may be additional costs associated.


Requesting Size and Inlay Damage Protection Service;

Please send us a message and provide your order number, we will verify your warranty coverage and provide you with the return address to ship your ring for resurfacing.

It's best to ship your band in for repair using a bubble mailer, small box or rigid cardboard envelope. Do not place your band in a letter envelope with a stamp. It will almost certainly not arrive.

If not packaged securely your ring may be lost or irreparably damaged while in transit. Upstate Resin Works LLC is not responsible for packages sent improperly packaged or otherwise lost in the mail. 

After receiving your ring in the workshop we will assess the damage and get to work. If the damage is to the band material itself and not the inlay, it's possible your ring can't be repaired and must be replaced. If this is the case we will work with you for replacement options.



The size replacement coverage of this Size and Inlay Damage Protection does not cover replacement engravings. If you would like the replacement to be engraved, please remember to order an engraving.


Warranty and Size and Inlay Damage Protection Cancellation;
Size and Inlay Damage Protection is offered as a service to ensure customers always have a nice looking ring that fits. Upstate Resin Works LLC reserves the right to cancel the lifetime warranty or the Size and Inlay Damage Protection for any customer determined to be purposefully abusing the service. In the event of a cancellation, we will prorate a refund of the Size and Inlay Damage Protection service based on the rate of $25 per previously requested inlay damage/resurfacing request and $55 per resize. The limited lifetime warranty is a free service and has no associated cash value for refund.


Please note; these warranty policy details may change overtime to prevent abuse of the services.


Please use the contact page to share any questions you might have.