About Us

Creators @ Upstate Resin Works LLC

Located between the Adirondack and Catskill mountain ranges in Upstate New York; Upstate Resin Works LLC was launched as a small Family business to bring our creative designs to life.

We offer custom services that include;

Ring design
Resin inlay design
CNC carving
Laser engraving
3D printing

None of our designs are outsourced or drop shipped from third party sellers. We use quality dyes, pigments, gemstones, wood and resin for all of our designs.

Our projects usually focus on wood, resin, gemstones and wood burl’s for creating custom hand made 100% unique creations.

The flow of resin, dyes, pigments and the grain in the wood all merge together to create patterns and designs that can’t be recreated.


The colors, swirls and wood grain of each piece we create is one of a kind. Once something is sold, it’s gone forever!


Sunrise over the Great Sacandaga Lake located within the 6 million acres of the New York State Adirondack Park.